Affordable Custom Kitchen Cabinetry With Benefits

May 22, 2019
Affordable custom kitchen cabinets

Affordable Kitchen Cabinets

Your dream kitchen design will succeed or fail both in appeal and in how well it functions based on the kitchen cabinetry you choose. Kitchen cabinets, their selection and design, really is that important to your kitchen renovation. That is why custom kitchen cabinets are so popular and so desirable. But now, you have an affordable custom kitchen cabinetry option as well.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Can Be Expensive

It is most probably the most expensive aspect of your kitchen renovation and also the most used feature in your kitchen. Kitchen cabinetry must take abuse daily. Cupboards and drawers get a workout like no other furnishings in your home. They must endure cooking greases in the air, moisture, humidity, and all the harsh environments that a kitchen can throw at them. But they must not discolour, warp or weaken.

Sweden? England? Oh You Mean By Way Of China!

Many of the newer designs of “European” cabinets that you assemble yourself are now actually made in China. Quality kitchen cabinets are heavy. This is because the materials need to have a strong back panels, and solid shelving in order to resist warping from humid conditions and daily use. But shipping heavy products overseas has become prohibitively expensive. To reduce their weight and shipping costs, manufacturers in China and other countries are making the units thinner and thinner to make them lighter. This means their cabinets are warping and distorting earlier and earlier.

You thought A Warranty Meant It Wouldn’t Cost You!

What good is a 25-year warranty on your kitchen cabinets when to replace a warped back panel under warranty you will have to pay installers to rip the cabinetry from your walls? To replace a $400-dollar warped back panel under warranty could cost you $4,000 in Labour and repairs to the wall just pulling down the kitchen installation and putting it back up. Ouch!

The cost of transporting these cabinet “kits” has risen so much that you can now select custom high-quality cabinets made right here in Ontario with superior quality, design, durability and look for similar costs.

Here are just a few of the advantages to buying Ontario made custom kitchen cabinets:

Custom Kitchen Cabinets Are Built To Last

We are not trying to reduce the weight (therefore quality) of the product because we don’t have huge shipping costs. They are made right here in Stoney Creek so we still use thick warp resistant back panels and shelving that will last a lifetime.

Affordable Kitchen Cabinets Offer Style & Choice

You get to come right into our Stoney creek design center and factory and pick whatever combinations of colours, finishes, doors, closures, and materials your can image. And utilize the guidance of our professional designers and 3D software.

World-Class Fit & Finish

Affordable kitchen cabinets custom designed specifically for your kitchen using 3D design software with our professional designers to your exact kitchen measurements and dimensions. Right down to the brand and model of kitchen appliances you are currently using or will change to. Then they are assembled by our professional artisans using equipment that is custom designed to build quality cabinetry that would be impossible for any assembly kit to take advantage of.

We have the luxury of proper assembly before they arrive at your home because they will only be traveling from our factory to your kitchen and will not be stacked on top of one another in a giant shipping container.

Our Professional Installation Reduces Cost!

The installation team that will install your new custom-made kitchen cabinetry is our sister company and they use the same 3D software we used to design them to manage the installation process. Everyone who is involved in the process for your new kitchen is part of our same group and team. We don’t have to sell them to a kitchen contactor, we sell them to you and then install them ourselves. Our sister company is right here in the same building and you will meet them the same day you select the cabinetry to install.

This is called a turnkey solution. We take responsibility for the entire project. Design, manufacture, installation, and warranty. It is all on us, no pointing fingers, no mistakes.

Be A Well-Informed Consumer

Knowledge is power and a well-informed consumers makes better choices. Learn how you too can have affordable kitchen cabinets that are totally custom designed for your kitchen. If you have some time to drop into our design center in Hamilton-Wentworth and are the type of customer that likes detailed information, we can show you how to really judge a kitchen cabinet and how to tell the level of quality that is or is not built into them. You’ll never look at kitchen cabinetry the same way again.

We deliver the highest quality custom designed kitchen cabinets in Ontario at prices that will make you glad you called us. So, put down that IKEA catalogue and call us 1-905-973-1116!

More information on  Custom Kitchen Cabinets. We recommend and trust the #1 rated kitchen renovator in Hamilton-Wentworth region to install our custom cabinets.

We are a Stoney Creek based manufacturer of superior quality custom kitchen cabinetry at reduced prices. Contact us or visit our show room to discuss and see all the hot new kitchen cabinetry trends:


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