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Nothing has a bigger impact on the looks or the function of your new kitchen design like new kitchen cabinets. Whether it is due to years of hard wear and tear in an older home or they have become an impediment to your new dream kitchen layout, there comes a time when a coat of paint or new set of hardware just won’t cut it. Time for new custom kitchen cabinets!

Kitchen Cabinets in Halton Region

The Kitchen Cabinet Starting Point

When selecting new kitchen cabinets, you should start out with a detailed plan. This includes making exact measurements of your kitchen space to determine your layout options.  This is an important step if you want to meet your kitchen design goals as well as your budget plans. Our Cabinets are guaranteed.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Does that term scare you? Custom Kitchen Cabinets. In many cases it very well should! For some cabinetry firms it is a signal that they use for jacking up the price! We are here to tell you there is no real reason to do so. Kitchen cabinetry that is designed to fit your space makes more sense and is actually easier to work with when it comes to installation. You see, if it is all designed to fit your space, there are no work-arounds to reconfigure with mass marketed systems that all look alike.

Keeping Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Costs Low

To start with, we design all the kitchen cabinets with high quality materials that we trust so that there are no weak links in the design chain.

Secondly, we eliminate common upgrade gotcha’s like soft close doors and draws because all of our kitchen cabinets have them. Everyone wants them, all cabinetry companies know this, but most only make it available on their more expensive units as an upgrade tool to force you into buying more expensive cabinets. And if they don’t get you now, they’ll get you later when your cabinets wear out prematurely from being bashed by not having soft close to help preserve them. We include soft close on all our cabinets regardless of price because we know you need them.

Third and most important, at Sharpe Cabinetry we build and install the cabinets ourselves. That’s right we manufacture them and then our sister company Zzone Homes installs them. Normally a cabinet company design and build the cabinets and that is how they make their money. When a contracto0r buys them, the markup has already been made. Now the contractor marks them up again to make money installing them for you. Now you can see why some kitchen cabinets with lesser quality and fewer features can cost many thousands of dollars more than ours. Two different firms each made money on your kitchen cabinets.

Can you imagine how much a quality kitchen table and chairs would cost you if you had to go to one company to design the table, another to design the chairs and another company to assembly and finish them for you? Yes, I’m sure you can, because you’ve had that exact experience when you have visited some kitchen cabinet showrooms and seen the prices!

At Sharpe Cabinetry we make the profit on your cabinetry by only selling them to you once.

Kitchen Cabinetry Build Quality

We use dowelled joints to strengthen mortise and tenon-type joints plus we also incorporate screws for added strength and durability. When we build custom hood vents and panel assemblies we uses biscuit joints for exceptionally strong bonds.

Back Panels Are Key

Back Panels ensure the rigidity of the whole cabinet. A back panel made of 5/8″ Melamine or plywood will prevent the cabinet from warping over time. However, a back panel of just ¼” thick is sufficient for a base cabinet, since it is not used to hold the cabinet to the wall. We do not recommend this because it makes for a weak cabinet. It will twist and warp during the deliver and installation process. Our backing is always solid to ensure maximum longevity of your new kitchen cabinets.

No Pointing Fingers

Another benefit of designing, building and installing them as one entity is that we stand behind our work. Many kitchen renovation companies will point the finger at the cabinet manufacturer who in turn points the finger at the installers when problems arise. If ever a problem arises, we have no one else to point to, so we fix it. Fast. Because we all report to the same person here. And we all know that you know him, because you met him when you bought our cabinets. So no pointing fingers, we stand behind all our work, end of story, we’ll let others point fingers and quarrel over design versus installation problems.

Kitchen Island

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Custom kitchen cabinets ensure the layout and flow of your kitchen cabinets will optimize the physical dimensions of your kitchen. They will maximize the flow of the kitchen and utilization of every inch of space. Kitchen space can also be added because we are one of the few kitchen cabinet firms that can move a wall, even load bearing walls. All  this is done in-house by our own staff, not some 3rd party contractor who may not be around tomorrow.

Custom kitchen cabinets also means an incredible selection of options such as doors, facings, trim, colours, finishes, styles, hardware, materials, sizes, frames, well you get the picture. Now you understand why we have onsite 3D design set up in our showroom to help you plan your new kitchen. Words can’t describe, seeing is believing.

Designing a kitchen for the first time can be exhausting and confusing, especially if you are hampered with tools like Google Sketch while trying to layout a design. Sitting with our design expert and laying out the kitchen with someone who can answer your questions and suggest the right options makes the whole effort rewarding and results in a kitchen cabinet layout that really is yours.

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