Fully Assembled Kitchen Cabinets vs. RTA Kitchen Cabinets

March 18, 2019
Fully Assembled Kitchen Cabinets vs. RTA Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen Cabinetry Build Quality

As discussed in our previous article on Materials, design and build quality is the deciding factor in how long your kitchen cabinets will last and stay beautiful. If the build quality is not up to par, then it does not matter how well they were designed because poor assembly results in a weak cabinet every time. We feel strongly that fully assembled kitchen cabinets are superior to ready to assemble kitchen cabinets, this article will point out why.

This second article discusses assembly, we will follow up with future 3rd article on design.

Fully Assembled Kitchen Cabinets vs Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinets

Fully assembled cabinets vs RTA  cabinets (Ready to Assemble cabinets that are assembled on site) can make a huge difference in the final quality of your kitchen cabinets. Having your kitchen torn apart for 5 months because assembly did not go well, or you are missing a part is costly for the entire family. Waiting for a part and determining which exact part is right for your RTA cabinets can be a nightmare.

The difference between having our 3D professional designers map your kitchen, custom design your kitchen cabinets is that when they are built and shipped to your home with an installation crew, one week later they are installed and the home disruption is minimal and you get to enjoy a superior kitchen that will last a lifetime.

Fully Assembled Framed Cabinet Construction

Framed cabinets have a superior base and rigidity to then attach hinges and glides. Building framed cabinets fully assembled at the factory are shipped ready to install guaranteeing design integrity and zero on site assembly damage and errors.

Fully assembled cabinets are considerably stronger and much more resistant to damage during shipping or installation. When we custom design your new cabinets specifically for your kitchen using our 3D design software the fully assembled cabinets arrive and fit your kitchen perfectly. There are no design-weakening modifications or last-minute hacks that need to be made behind the scenes to make everything fit nicely.

Our custom kitchen cabinets are assembled in our factory by experienced craftsmen that know and understand all the quality points we have identified that ensure a superior fully assembled kitchen cabinet.

Having a crate of ready to assembly kitchen cabinets show up on a kitchen renovation invites assembly errors and shortcuts taken by installation crews who are better at renovation than they are at cabinetry making.

If you are assembling new RTA cabinets yourself and all you need is a screw driver then you must know that these cabinets will never be as stable and durable as fully assembled kitchen cabinets from our Stoney Creek factory using superior tools and assembly techniques not available in your kitchen. We’re betting you don’t have a hydronic cabinet press for precision accuracy of panel assembly in your kitchen.

Lower Installations Costs

Ready to Assemble kitchen cabinets ( RTA cabinets ) were initially designed to save costs.  However it turns out that the increased time on site assembly cabinets required eats up any savings.  Include time correcting errors for improper installation and the high hourly rate of an installation crew and you are losing money. Include the fact that on-site renovation crews are not cabinet makers by trade and RTA cabinets become a bad idea for a quality kitchen. Our custom designed, fully assembled kitchen cabinets are more than competitively priced with any RTA kitchen cabinets, even IKEA cabinets.

RTA Kitchen Cabinet Problems

RTA kitchen cabinets have problems that can include missing pieces or improper pieces in your shipment. Even the king of RTA kitchen cabinets, IKEA, have horror stories aplenty about assembling their cabinets on location.

Remember what you are assembling is what you will end up living with on your walls. We are very sure that you have never met a person who said assembling and installing their IKEA cabinets was a breeze. We know because we have done it ourselves and understand the design limitations built into RTA cabinets to allow assembly in your kitchen instead of a dedicated kitchen cabinetry factory. The bottom line is fully assembled cabinets are problem free because they have been designed and assembled specifically for your kitchen.

More information on  Custom Kitchen Cabinets. We recommend and trust the #1 rated kitchen renovator in Hamilton-Wentworth region to install our custom cabinets.

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