Kitchen Cabinetry Trends 2019

April 19, 2019
Kitchen Cabinetry Trends for Hamilton, Stoney Creek, and Burlington

Kitchen Cabinet Trends 2019

Kitchen cabinetry trends are experiencing a change towards a very simple and streamlined presentation that provides a very clean but extremely efficient kitchen look and layout. Today’s kitchen cabinetry designs are embracing new options in every areas from colours to materials and embracing acceptance of open shelving concepts as well as a streamlined traditional cabinetry style.

Open shelving kitchen cabinetry can work well if you have the dinnerware to pull it off. As a bonus this creates a very airy kitchen that shows as more space than it actually posses. Open shelving on one wall combined with a complimentary closed-door cabinetry in the rest of the kitchen can make a beautiful design statement while showing off a particular dinnerware collection or colourful kitchen accessories or food storage jars, wines, and even a kitchen cook library.

Neutral Wood Kitchen Cabinetry Trend

Natural wood finishes are making a huge kitchen cabinet comeback offering an elegant appeal with a natural and neutral look that looks rich and is very durable. Wood and cooking have been associated together for centuries so wrapping your kitchen in a luxurious rich wood environment brings an all natural design opportunity to any kitchen. Neutral oak kitchen cabinetry will easily compliment wood flooring while ensuring the natural beauty of the wood cabinetry is front and center.

Traditional Yet Streamlined

Traditional cabinetry design in 2019 is embracing a cleaner aesthetics with smoother profiles and avoiding the overdesigned cluttered look that was popular 10 year and more ago. Removing the clutter from a traditional kitchen cabinet design results in a beautiful traditional cabinetry appeal with a modern fresh look that opens the kitchen to much wider design options. This traditional kitchen cabinetry trend of cleaner lines and smoother transitions can easily integrate today’s very modern stainless kitchen appliances with traditional cabinetry.

Lighting Trends

Lighting is always important no matter what design your kitchen takes. Under cabinet lighting has moved forward in a big way in 2019 with moderns LED’s that light counters extremely well illuminating working areas more safely all while greatly reduce electrical costs. Creative options for LED lighting include fantastic colours and many shapes that can fit anywhere both around and under any cabinetry.

Kitchen Cabinetry Trends  – Monochromatic Colours

There is a wide and diverse trend in kitchen colours for 2019. The choices run from very light to very dark, what is common to both  however is the trend to coordination and monochromatic colours. Dark kitchens are in and becoming mostly dark with a touch of brightness. For example, matt black kitchens with matte dark grey cabinetry, back tiling and dark stainless appliances may have a light-coloured marble or wood countertop to break up the monochrome Grey or black look. For a white kitchen the revere is true going almost monochrome white with a splash of colour in the cabinet covers and doors. But make no mistake, dark kitchens are now “in”, all white kitchens are in decline while matte surfaces with monochromatic colours is one of the hottest kitchen cabinetry trends in 2019.

Colour choices are a very personal choice and the rest of the house  design should be taken into consideration. Working with our 3D design software we can show you exactly what your specific kitchen layout and size will look like with your cabinetry choices in any colour available. Seeing is believing, no one should make a “blind” colour choice when selecting kitchen cabinetry, especially if going with a dark cabinet choice.

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